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El Rey Salvador!

El Rey Salvador LTD is a manufacturing company which specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced lighting systems. We implement LED technology in the lighting market for architecture, military, industry, agriculture and many other fields.

The new range of LED lighting!

The Q-Rey AQUA LED underwater light offers greater light intensities and improved energy efficiency than their predecessors. Its enhanced luminous flux and optical efficiency will bring out the best of any facility.

Professional water proof light luminaire designed for use with LED sources, optic with hybrid reflectors. High quality color mix technology. Aluminum body multifunction bracket, high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.

4 in 1 multicolor!
Fully rotatable spot downlight with CRI 93.
Features enhanced heat coating, patented diamond
reflector and recessed light-emitting surface design
that significantly reduces the glare of the downlights.

360° Rotatable LED Downlight

For bakery lighting applications, Aroma LED presents champagne gold color which can help to emphasize the luster
of bread, cheese and wine. Moreover, Edison Opto also develops special phosphor proportion to emit deep pink light
(Ruby LED) which can enhance the red in fresh meat and flowers. The Mela LED is another advanced lighting solution,
which can bring out the rosy luster of natural skin.

EdiPower Special Light Series

Enhance the visual appeal of merchandise effectively!

CoB with CrispWhite Technology delivers the warm saturated colors of high 90 CRI solutions while creating
the natural crisp whiteness. LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology creates the most impactful retail lighting
ever available, by revealing the richest whites, vibrant reds and colors that pop.

with CrispWhite

Retail lighting that makes an impact!

Luxeon Z
With never before possible flexibility and lumen density in color and white LEDs, the LUXEON® Z
will transformthe luminaire and light engine designs. The small size of LUXEON Z enables high punch,
tight beam control and the flexibility of superior color mixing.

Color and White LED Portfolio

Matrix Platform
Only the Matrix Platform empowers you to leverage the most comprehensive portfolio of application
optimized LEDs in the entire industry. Both LUXEON XF-3535L and LUXEON XR-3535L are designed
for ease of manufacturability, high efficacy and uniform light distribution enabling a variety of applications.

Color and White LED Portfolio

Filament 0.8W Series use packaging technology
and serial LED chips to achieve 360°
(omnidirectioanl) light distribution.
With excellent light quality, the filament brings
a whole new visual experience which
is unlike traditional LED.

Used in 4W bulb, the LED bulb can replace 40W
incandescent bulb, bringing the advantages
(energy saving and high efficiency) of LED
into full play.

Filament 0.8W

The art of lighting

Lighting at El Rey Salvador brings together art, science and technology. Our dedicated team of designers create expressive, sustainable and award-winning concepts in order to present your project in the best possible way. For more information about our services click here

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