Special lighting


Some fields require special lighting features in order to optimize their activity. For instance, LEDs are known to increase growth and reproduction of marine flora and fauna. Consequentially, they are used to create advanced marine lighting systems both for personal and industrial use. Another area (which exists exclusively with LED technologies) is Bio Dynamic Lighting – an advanced solution that allows to bring the dynamics of daylight indoors. […]

Visual effects


Due to their many advantages comparing to traditional lighting methods, the LEDs are invaluable for creating unique and impressive designs both for indoor and outdoor use. No more limitations in fixture size, lighting color or intensity – the LEDs provide maximum performance with minimum investment of energy and maintenance. With LEDs the user can easily choose and adjust the lighting colors and dim according to mood and occasion.   Due to their extreme durability combined with water-resistant qualities, the LEDs are perfect for use in open spaces such as building facades, water fountains, pools, parks etc.   With LEDs indoor […]

Façade Engineering

Dante Alighiere_

Façade engineering is one of the most demanding lighting applications fields, due to the many uncontrollable factors involved. Weather conditions and maintenance difficulties demand very durable and long-lasting lighting solutions. LED fixtures are the perfect answer – they are highly resistant to water, pressure, corrosion and other outdoor factors and require very little maintenance, if at all.     Another important issue to consider when planning a façade lighting is the design. Impressive lighting combinations are an effective way to attract the attention of by-passers: potential clients and audience. For this reason LED fixtures are widely used on facades of […]

Manufacturing in Advanced Technologies


El Rey Salvador creates its LED lighting systems using the most advanced manufacturing technologies available on the market. We produce all that is necessary to create a lighting fixture right here inside the company, so that the client can have it all in one place, with maximum convenience and optimal production speed. El Rey Salvador provides extensive solutions in all areas of LED manufacturing: Optical equipment – we work with leading international companies that produce lenses and reflectors for the lighting industry, such as Carclo Optics, LEDiL and others. Our manufacturing technologies include: Machining CNC bending  Electroplating  Perspex Cast Acrylic  Drawn aluminum profile   PMMA […]

Planning and Design of Lighting Fixtures


When planning a lighting project, visualization is key for a time-effective working process and optimal result.  We work closely with the client to achieve maximum satisfaction and deliver the best possible product. Our working process usually consists of the following stages:   1. The client describes the purpose of the product, its requirements, and how he wants it to look like. For instance, in one of our projects the architect requested a ceiling fixture for a high-space room, with intense lighting and modern design style. 2. We create a detailed digital visualization of the lighting feature, taking into consideration factors […]

Architectural Lighting


El Rey Salvador provides its clients with the best lighting solution available on the market today – the LED technology presents incomparable advantages, particularly in the architectural lighting design. The LED lighting fixtures have the longest life time among all other methods of illumination, the highest energy efficiency and on top of all that they are also ecologically friendly. Another essential LED advantage is its design flexibility. Once the lighting designers’ abilities were limited by the technical considerations of illumination – he had to adjust his design according to size, energy, durability and other technical features of conventional fixtures. Nowadays […]

Master Planning


The El Rey Salvador planning department coordinates its work with architects, electrical engineers and lighting consultants in order to deliver the best possible product for our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this field allows us to create the perfect lighting system for your project, by taking into consideration several factors such as design, technical requirements and maintenance Every client and every project has its own special demands. For instance, in buildings with high spaces such as theaters or opera houses the lighting cannot be planned without considering the acoustics factor, which will consequentially affect the design, size, placement and […]