El Rey Salvador provides its clients with the best lighting solution available on the market today – the LED technology presents incomparable advantages, particularly in the architectural lighting design. The LED lighting fixtures have the longest life time among all other methods of illumination, the highest energy efficiency and on top of all that they are also ecologically friendly.

Another essential LED advantage is its design flexibility. Once the lighting designers’ abilities were limited by the technical considerations of illumination – he had to adjust his design according to size, energy, durability and other technical features of conventional fixtures. Nowadays design and efficiency are successfully combined – together with the customer we can decide how the illumination will look like and expect the LED technology to adjust itself to our demands instead of vice versa.

Architectural lighting is used to illuminate buildings and is applied to both indoor and outdoor spaces. When we design lighting for buildings, we take into consideration factors such as ergonomics, energy efficiency and aesthetics, while the ruling factor is generally defined by the purpose of the building.

hospital00 Ergonomics is key at hospitals, where the right amount of light can be crucial. Studies show that lighting can affect the patients health and mental state, and in some cases assist recovery. Another place where lighting makes a difference is office buildings, where people spend many hours at work. The right amount and shade of illumination creates a comfortable working space, minimizing tiredness and eye strain.
Warehouse-LED-lighting Warehouses on the other hand are usually more concerned with energy efficiency, in other words – the cost of the lighting project. LED illumination helps prevent a large waste of energy in areas of the warehouse that are less frequently used (something that couldn’t be done with traditional illumination).
street Theatres and other entertainment buildings require a lighting design that serves not only a practical but also an esthetic purpose of attracting and impressing the audience. In this area the LEDs provide endless possibilities for creating effective and unique designs.
שקופית1 LEDs can also make a dramatic difference when used at retail buildings, such as shopping malls or hotels. The LED color range indexing (CRI) is 97%, which is the maximum lighting quality available on the market. We use the most advanced lighting technology to help present stores products at their best, thus making them more attractive to the customers and inducing sales.
076 When designing lighting for outdoor spaces like gardens or parks it’s essential to consider natural factors such as weather conditions, which greatly affect the functionality of the illumination equipment. LEDs provide extremely durable and long lasting performance including water and corrosion resistance (they are widely used at water pools and fountains).
streetlights LEDs also prove to be irreplaceable in street illumination, since they offer incomparable life longevity and durability unavailable with any other illumination method. When a building is illuminated 24/7 by LED technology, the bulbs can keep on working for over 10 years without being replaced (thus saving a fortune on maintenance).