El Rey Salvador creates its LED lighting systems using the most advanced manufacturing technologies available on the market. We produce all that is necessary to create a lighting fixture right here inside the company, so that the client can have it all in one place, with maximum convenience and optimal production speed.

El Rey Salvador provides extensive solutions in all areas of LED manufacturing:

  • Optical equipment – we work with leading international companies that produce lenses and reflectors for the lighting industry, such as Carclo Optics, LEDiL and others.
  • Our manufacturing technologies include:
machining New-CNC-bending-capacity-at-V-F-Sheet-Metal-157810_image electroplating_06 tinted-perspex 60457_
Machining CNC bending  Electroplating  Perspex Cast Acrylic  Drawn aluminum profile


PMMA coating engraving_strong_cnc_ laser-cutting-machine 1-2 fas2
PMMA coating Automatic engraving Laser cutting  Polymer casting  Electrostatic surface coloring


  • S&T production testing – unlike many other businesses in the field, we provide quality control for 100% of our products. In addition, we maintain a detailed products registration under strict ISO quality standards, in order to provide technical service and support for our clients for many years to come.
  • Quality standards – the company operates under the highest ISO quality standards. Additional standards (CE, TVU, ZHAGA, SII etc) are also available by the customer’s request.