The El Rey Salvador planning department coordinates its work with architects, electrical engineers and lighting consultants in order to deliver the best possible product for our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this field allows us to create the perfect lighting system for your project, by taking into consideration several factors such as design, technical requirements and maintenance

Every client and every project has its own special demands. For instance, in buildings with high spaces such as theaters or opera houses the lighting cannot be planned without considering the acoustics factor, which will consequentially affect the design, size, placement and other specifications of the lighting fixtures.

In such cases it is essential for the lighting specialist to be aware of these additional factors and to be able to find the optimal solution, without implementing one factor at the expense of another. This is precisely what we do here at El Rey Salvador, with many satisfied customers to confirm our success. As far as we are concerned, it is never just about the lighting, it is about presenting your project at its best in every possible way.

Furthermore, the client is not always aware of the advanced capabilities at his disposal, and we are always here to consult and help put these technologies to use. For example, we offer a lighting control system designed to be used in public areas such as large offices, corridors, warehouses, garages etc. This advanced automated system uses HF motion sensors to determine when no more people are left in the room. The system then shuts down the light, helping save a lot of energy and expense.


Another useful function we have to offer is the photocell daylight sensor, which automatically adjusts the amount of light indoors to natural daylight coming from the windows of the room for maximum energy efficiency (there is also manual adjustment and a dimming control option available).



We also provide LED lighting solutions for smart houses. This innovative technology allows the user to control, schedule and dim the LEDs right from his mobile devices by linking them to the houses’ WiFi network. On top of creating maximum home comfort and enjoyment, this system also proves to be highly cost-effective and eco-friendly.

These advanced technologies combined with LED fixtures create a winning solution with optimal cost and performance. That is why it is so important to explore all possibilities available to produce proper planning, and we are always here for you to assist.