When planning a lighting project, visualization is key for a time-effective working process and optimal result.  We work closely with the client to achieve maximum satisfaction and deliver the best possible product. Our working process usually consists of the following stages:


architecture 1. The client describes the purpose of the product, its requirements, and how he wants it to look like. For instance, in one of our projects the architect requested a ceiling fixture for a high-space room, with intense lighting and modern design style.
fixture 2. We create a detailed digital visualization of the lighting feature, taking into consideration factors such as heat dissipation, light quantity, quality and dispersion, density of the material and many others, in order to confirm that the final product meets the clients’ demands. For this particular project we chose the Q-Rey LED fixture, which offers great light intensity, enhanced luminous flux and optical efficiency.
 sketch 3. We create a digital visualization for the client to demonstrate how the final product is applied to its environment (a 3D prototype of the lighting parts can be produced if necessary).
 IMG_1993   IMG_1990 4. After the client approves the plan, the project is sent into production.
 Untitled 5. The final product is ready and supplied to the client.