Growing marine life such as fish, plants and corals requires special high intensity lighting to support and induce their growth. Proper lighting can greatly increase growth and reproduction and is essential for the well-being of marine flora and fauna.


We use LED technologies to create advanced marine lighting systems both for personal and industrial use. The LEDs endless color, shimmer and dispersion possibilities allow to create extremely impressive aquarium effects, while requiring very little energy and maintenance. The LEDs are also user-friendly: they can be controlled by automatic processor or you can easily transition from daylight to lunar light conditions inside the tank by simply pushing a button.

LED lighting is suitable for different aquarium types: freshwater, saltwater, reef, and planted. Specifically, some fixtures are especially designed to grow corals. The LEDs are known to bring out colors in corals that had not been seen before, without increasing the temperature of the water (unlike traditional aquarium lighting methods such as metal halides). They also require many times less energy and expense. El Rey Salvador has experience building lighting systems for corals with great results.

Besides expensive cost and high temperature, regular lighting fixtures have another disadvantage comparing to LEDs: they provide white light that is not fully absorbed in water. As a result, the plants and animal life inside the tank fail to receive some of the lighting colors essential to their development. As opposed to that, LEDs provide a wide range of colors and hues combined with dispersion control to perfectly match the marine life requirements. Farther more, they can also be placed inside the water tanks for maximum results and lighting effect.

Another marine use for LEDs is on sail boats – due to their extreme durability and water resistance they manage to survive even the roughest conditions, both outside and underwater. LEDs also provide unlimited color change possibilities and dimming effects, without requiring any start-up current (with traditional lighting fixtures you might need to wait for up to 20 minutes to turn them back on). Needless to say that cost and maintenance expenses are also greatly reduced.