Why use LED lighting?


The LED lighting technology provides advanced solutions in various fields due to its incomparable advantages to other lighting methods available on the market. The benefits of using LED – 1. Long life – LED fixtures have a sufficiently longer lifetime than all other lighting methods available, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. The LM-80 Standard we offer guarantees quality and long-life products for our clients. 2. Energy efficiency – unlike regular bulbs, LEDs exploit most of their electrical energy, sufficiently reducing electricity costs. 3. Size – LEDs are available in very small sizes and their productivity is not affected by size and […]

Photobiological safety standards


A consideration of the potential hazards to the human body posed by exposure to optical radiation has, in the past, been limited to lasers and sources of UV, with a minimalist approach being adopted for LEDs. This latter treatment may have been acceptable in the past, where LED performance had not reached current levels. However, a brief glimpse of many of the LEDs of today attests to the significantly-improved optical performance, and that a consideration of the photobiological safety of LEDs within an appropriate framework is now very much required. This article takes a wide-ranging view of the place of […]