The LED lighting technology provides advanced solutions in various fields due to its incomparable advantages to other lighting methods available on the market. The benefits of using LED –

1. Long life – LED fixtures have a sufficiently longer lifetime than all other lighting methods available, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. The LM-80 Standard we offer guarantees quality and long-life products for our clients.
2. Energy efficiency – unlike regular bulbs, LEDs exploit most of their electrical energy, sufficiently reducing electricity costs.
3. Size – LEDs are available in very small sizes and their productivity is not affected by size and shape, thus providing unlimited applicability options.
4. Durability – LEDs are very durable because of their resistance to factors such as high and low temperatures, shock, vibrations and external impacts, which makes them ideal for application in rough environments.
5. Design – LED technology provides endless and impressive design options due to its highly variable size, shape and lighting possibilities.
6. No emissions – LED light is free from invisible and harmful emissions and produces very little heat, which makes it safe to use with heat or radiation sensitive objects (museums, archaeological sites etc). For more information please visit the Photobiological safety standards page.
7. Ecologically friendly – LED fixtures emit no toxic chemicals, unlike traditional light bulbs. They also reduce light pollution and are completely recyclable.

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